15 December 2013

Still stuck with old and Custom launcher. well Today i bring some New and Cool Launcher that will make your phone new. New in the sense look wise not Change or Replace it. well android having great advantages that there are number of developers out there to make some thing new daily. Launchers are one of the best thing they have created for giving best look to our Android phone.

Launcher having nice feature to change themes and it look cool with some tweaks over here and there.This top 3 launchers having many themes that may attract your eye.

Buzz Luncher

One of the Coolest and customizable home screen replacement launcher in market is Buzz Launcher. In it some of the cool feature makes it more attractive and funky. There are thousand or millions of home pack available from its store you can find out some simple and customization home pack for your phone. 
Buzz comes with some widgets and awesome images. you can also upload your creativity or customized home screen with others.
The Themes comes with widget so you have to download it also. These themes will change your hole home screen layout and makes it full screen no notification and drawer icon on home screen.You can also Change icon of the drawer also so if you want some special or your own icon then you can also do it.


Another Super customize launcher is Themer. it is also one of the best launcher and having thousand of themes comes with it to your smartphone. one of the best things of Themer is it change your smartphone and really gives new look to it. it is developed by one of Xda-developers so it allows you to tweak your phone really well. it having its own widgets and icon pack that is really cool.  by default it come with tile layout like windows phone having or like Google Now. to download new themes you have to login with themer. this is my one of the favorite launcher from among all Go Launcher, Apex etc.

KitKat Launcher

well waiting for Kitkat experience on your phone well now no more waiting.  KK Launcher brings Kitkat experience for your old or new Android phone. they merged all component require for kitkat in one pack and Comes with Kitkat launcher for Ice-cream and jelly devices.

Well now a days you have seen many cool views of kitkat version and you also want to experience that things then download it. it is also the best launcher because it change your old and boring layout.  KK launcher will give you best Kitkat experiance in your smartphone without root and change your Rom.So with less pain get more out it with KK launcher.

25 September 2013

            Home screen is a great part of android operating system. you can customize it however you like it. From the Donut,Gingerbread and all Android developers are making it perfect and appealing. They are Mainly focusing on Home screen of the android os. because they want to give best user experience. you can add any widget on the home screen and make it more attractive and cool. so here i am with some cool and awesome Theme (skin) of Ultimate Custom widget.

Ultimate Custom Widget (Uccw) is a cool widget app that allow you to make your Cool home screen. this app having thousand of the Themes that may catch your eyes. the other widget app does not allow you to change anything in theme or skin but uccw allow to do modification as per your choice. you can choose different theme for clock as well as different for weather widget.

1. UCCW Skin - Sense 5 Clock

My favourite and most downloaded Theme of Uccw.  HTC sense 5 clock and weather Theme make your home screen more cool and catchy. the cool theme will allow you to change weather icon as well as text of the clock  .one of the best Sense clock ever made by HTC is now on your home screen.no more widget is required you to make or look like this.

2. UCCW Skin - Shapes Skin

One of the awesome and Triangles and Squares. In beautiful colors you will get with this Shape skin of UCCW. the widget will also update you with your text message or Missed calls or any email if you have missed it.One of the best thing is it is transparent and fit with any wallpaper you have set. with all of these it will also display battery in percentage so you won't go out of battery.
This is a paid skin but you can get it to make your home screen more awesome and  cool. you can put some notes widget around it and it look really awesome.

3. UCCW Skin -  Tiles Skin

Want to get Windows 8 Tiles layout on your android smartphone . now wait is over  using UCCW skin you can set Clock widget in Tiles. yes if you  board with some android things then these is for you. not only clock and weather you can also add some tiles for our favorite apps and that will really look like windows 8. One thing is great about it you can set any color of tiles not fix like windows 8 having.
so add this skin in your collection and make some new cool and funky home screen.

4. UCCW Skin - Puzzles Skin

Like to play puzzle games then the Puzzle skin is for you. these skin will allow you to display time and date and all detail in puzzles. It will display in puzzle tiles and that's cool thing about it. Simple and puzzle look gives  awesome look to the home screen of your smartphone.

5. UCCW Skin - Malm Skin

Cool and awesome orange layout of the skin make it eye catchy. layout is look like stumbleupon app. full layout fit in 3*2 layout of your home screen. box layout with 3 layer and awesome weather icon.

So here you are with all cool skin of uccw. if you like the above then share it with your friends.
if you have an cool themes or skin like this all add your precious comments in below comment box.

10 August 2013

               Android is Well Known for its Open Source and Most Used operating system But their are some  feature which makes it Innovative. Yes its Open resourcefulness Provide it To expand to the new level or with some new feature Like Sensors, Smart Bluetooth Connectivity (Can connect with wearable device like Google Glass or Smart Watch)  flexibility etc. Today i am going to tell you using which You can make your Smart Phone "SMART" . i mean to say you can control your Phone without Physical touch. your Phone will work according to your condition or Location or Gesture.

1. Tasker

 An Automation App and Task Controller app. but it is more than that not only Task controller but you can explore it to the level of auto Profile or control your wifi or data usage as per your location. This app require Physical Touch but this is the Most advance app to make your Phone "Smart". Tasker to program your Android phone or tablet to do things that you want it to do according to rules that you specify.you can create trigger or Profile that can Change automatically. you can find full tutorial or guide at Xda-developers.com  

2.Gemini App Manager 

 Another one automation app which can use alternative to the Tasker. Gemini provide features like
  • App autorun control (ROOT), 
  • Task killer, 
  • Move app 2 SD card (Android 2.2 or later), 
  • Uninstaller, Backup apks to SD card, etc. 
It Supports batch app uninstallation (silently) and moving apps from phone to SD/SD to phone in batch (silently) for people with rooted phones. it have Some Mode feature you can use for app listing or Task Killer or Use of application. you can download User guide from here .

3.Air Swiper

Cover artThe app which you can use without  Physical Touch. Gesture control app using which you can perform many task like

  • Unlocking and locking the device 
  • disabling a lockscreen-SMS controls , 
  • Sound controls ,
  • Toast message on new SMS received etc. 

this is very simple and easy to use app. using Sensor this app can perform certain task which user have decided or Predefined.

You can View user guide and download apk from here.

4.Gravity Screen

Have you heard of MOTO X Active Display feature if not let me tell you if you pick up your phone it automatically on your display and when you put it on table or in pocket it will turn-off display. these feature you can get using Gravity Screen - On / Off . The app turns the screen off by monitoring the orientation of the device through the gravity sensor. you can View user guide and download application from here.

5. Hovering Controls

This app is also provide Hover control same kind as Samsung Galaxy S4. this app provide features like 

  • control your music/video players, 
  • start your desired app on a move, 
  • switch to previous apps, 
  • jump to launch screen etc. 
using these app you can control your phone more efficiently. 

NOTE :- Few apps require root permission so Check before download.

These apps Make your old smart phone to "New" or it can give cool look to your Smart Phone. So Now I have make your Phone "Smart" and now its your turn to comment and share. if you have any question or query comment below in comment section.  :-)

8 June 2013

     After Samsung Galaxy S4 stock version introduce in Google I/O all other companies tries to introduce there flagship or new module with Stock android OS. recently HTC had launched its HTC One Stock Android version and now rumors about Sony xperia Z also comes with stock Android OS.

Now What is Stock Android OS ?? 
The Operating system which Google provide to the different companies with all functionality and basic application like calender and mail and messaging etc to the manufacturer before it is actually released to the public.. and then companies make changes as per their requirements and use different launchers like sense or Trebuchet etc. then why they are now introducing stock android version smartphones. ok i am gone a tell you some pros as well as cons of Stock android OS.

Stock android smartphones

Pros of Stock Android Operating System.

New and Updated
Google Edition or Stock Android Smartphone Gets update more fast or quickly then other Companies or career rolled out update for smartphone because  in stock Android Companies or Career don't require to add there launcher or software update so they get directly update from Google.

Better Signal and Quality
some of the companies and Career tries to restric user from getting use of 3g or wifi network and they add all those things in Operating system but not in Stock Android OS.so that's why you can use better signal and quality of your smartphone.

Improve performance
When Google Gives Stock Android OS to the Companies they add some of the apps like Samsung Apps and memo in Samsung device as well Stock and Trace (GPS) in HTC devices. so these apps are some time unnecessary or useless. in stock OS you wont get these apps so it reduce burden on your smartphone that's how performance increases.

Cons of Stock Android Operating System

Manufacturer Apps( functionality ) 
Some of apps of manufacturer companies are worth important which you don't want to miss or leave like friendstrem in HTC devices connect you with major of social networking sites or video player of Samsung Device.

More Google apps
In Stock Android OS version smartphone you get update for daily or weekly that's may feel you frustrated.
You may feel Google centric because google will collect all your information.

Here may i have not brief all pros and cons of Stock android  but atleast gives you detail and brief idea for your choice before getting your favourite smartphone..
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29 April 2013

         few days are remaining for next Google I/O event Google I/o 2013. Google I/O is an annual developer-focused conference held by Google every year . The event in which Google introduce its latest product like Google Glass in last year event and Android new version "jellybean 4.1" with its new smartphone Nexus - 4. and for this there are many rumors about its new product line flagship phone X-phone and with new version of Android which may be called as Key Lime Pie or any other sweet dish start from K letter.

so which are the different products we can assume to be at Google I/o which can catch your attention towards the all new technology. today i am gone a tell you some of the products(things) which can be introduce by google.

 Google I/O 2013.

Android version 4.2.3 (jelly bean)

yes android 4.2.3 can be roll out during Google I/o. There are already many devices are running on 4.2.3. google is working on 4.2.3. the new feature in these update include 360 degree panorama mode called Photo Sphere, lockscreen widgets, User accounts (for tablets), and the Quick Settings area in the Notifications. Well, a lot of new and useful features for a minor update.Google is likely to pack the next-generation mobile OS(Android 5.0) with several new features which will later be optimized for the latest Android based Smartphones.


Here is the another one product from Google is X-Phone Likely be called as Motorola X or Moto X. customers will get chance to customize the color and hardware specs like RAM and internal storage similar to how Dell or other companies let the user to build a PC. Google may take the world by storm by announcing its X phone in coming I/O event.

GMail 5 for Android

Google has recently launched Gmail  v4.3 which is really amazing. which give best user interface amongst the  few of other older  version of Gmail. Google are trying their best to constantly improve both the desktop and mobile versions of Gmail.


Google’s messaging service called Babel may see a grand unveiling at upcoming I/O. Babel unifies Google Voice, Google Talk and Google+ Messenger under one brand name. It is also a Google’s answer to the wide variety of standalone messaging apps like WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook Messenger, and its cross-platform capabilities would certainly help make the offering more attractive to current users.

Google Glass

Google Glass was the standout hit of last year’s I/O event, and with the coming event, people may actually see a public launch of the device.If we follow the recent reports about "Google Glass", the gadget is a wearable head mounted display that can capture 5-megapixel images and videos at a resolution of 720p and also feature 16GB of storage onboard. The CPU could be a Single Core Processor, coupled with 256MB/512MB RAM. The display is equivalent to a 25-inch HD screen viewed from eight feet away. It has 16GB of storage onboard, 12GB of usable memory available to the wearer.It is to utilize many already-existing Google applications, such as Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, and Gmail.

Other surprises 

Google may come up with since I/O is a good place to do so. How about the Google Watch? That could be Google’s answer to its rival Apple, which is working on smartwatch for a while. watch which connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Google may come up with the Nexus Q.1 and drop the price this year. There are also rumors about the re-introduction of Android@Home, a home automation system nobody has heard anything about since 2011.