25 September 2013

            Home screen is a great part of android operating system. you can customize it however you like it. From the Donut,Gingerbread and all Android developers are making it perfect and appealing. They are Mainly focusing on Home screen of the android os. because they want to give best user experience. you can add any widget on the home screen and make it more attractive and cool. so here i am with some cool and awesome Theme (skin) of Ultimate Custom widget.

Ultimate Custom Widget (Uccw) is a cool widget app that allow you to make your Cool home screen. this app having thousand of the Themes that may catch your eyes. the other widget app does not allow you to change anything in theme or skin but uccw allow to do modification as per your choice. you can choose different theme for clock as well as different for weather widget.

1. UCCW Skin - Sense 5 Clock

My favourite and most downloaded Theme of Uccw.  HTC sense 5 clock and weather Theme make your home screen more cool and catchy. the cool theme will allow you to change weather icon as well as text of the clock  .one of the best Sense clock ever made by HTC is now on your home screen.no more widget is required you to make or look like this.

2. UCCW Skin - Shapes Skin

One of the awesome and Triangles and Squares. In beautiful colors you will get with this Shape skin of UCCW. the widget will also update you with your text message or Missed calls or any email if you have missed it.One of the best thing is it is transparent and fit with any wallpaper you have set. with all of these it will also display battery in percentage so you won't go out of battery.
This is a paid skin but you can get it to make your home screen more awesome and  cool. you can put some notes widget around it and it look really awesome.

3. UCCW Skin -  Tiles Skin

Want to get Windows 8 Tiles layout on your android smartphone . now wait is over  using UCCW skin you can set Clock widget in Tiles. yes if you  board with some android things then these is for you. not only clock and weather you can also add some tiles for our favorite apps and that will really look like windows 8. One thing is great about it you can set any color of tiles not fix like windows 8 having.
so add this skin in your collection and make some new cool and funky home screen.

4. UCCW Skin - Puzzles Skin

Like to play puzzle games then the Puzzle skin is for you. these skin will allow you to display time and date and all detail in puzzles. It will display in puzzle tiles and that's cool thing about it. Simple and puzzle look gives  awesome look to the home screen of your smartphone.

5. UCCW Skin - Malm Skin

Cool and awesome orange layout of the skin make it eye catchy. layout is look like stumbleupon app. full layout fit in 3*2 layout of your home screen. box layout with 3 layer and awesome weather icon.

So here you are with all cool skin of uccw. if you like the above then share it with your friends.
if you have an cool themes or skin like this all add your precious comments in below comment box.



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