10 August 2013

               Android is Well Known for its Open Source and Most Used operating system But their are some  feature which makes it Innovative. Yes its Open resourcefulness Provide it To expand to the new level or with some new feature Like Sensors, Smart Bluetooth Connectivity (Can connect with wearable device like Google Glass or Smart Watch)  flexibility etc. Today i am going to tell you using which You can make your Smart Phone "SMART" . i mean to say you can control your Phone without Physical touch. your Phone will work according to your condition or Location or Gesture.

1. Tasker

 An Automation App and Task Controller app. but it is more than that not only Task controller but you can explore it to the level of auto Profile or control your wifi or data usage as per your location. This app require Physical Touch but this is the Most advance app to make your Phone "Smart". Tasker to program your Android phone or tablet to do things that you want it to do according to rules that you specify.you can create trigger or Profile that can Change automatically. you can find full tutorial or guide at Xda-developers.com  

2.Gemini App Manager 

 Another one automation app which can use alternative to the Tasker. Gemini provide features like
  • App autorun control (ROOT), 
  • Task killer, 
  • Move app 2 SD card (Android 2.2 or later), 
  • Uninstaller, Backup apks to SD card, etc. 
It Supports batch app uninstallation (silently) and moving apps from phone to SD/SD to phone in batch (silently) for people with rooted phones. it have Some Mode feature you can use for app listing or Task Killer or Use of application. you can download User guide from here .

3.Air Swiper

Cover artThe app which you can use without  Physical Touch. Gesture control app using which you can perform many task like

  • Unlocking and locking the device 
  • disabling a lockscreen-SMS controls , 
  • Sound controls ,
  • Toast message on new SMS received etc. 

this is very simple and easy to use app. using Sensor this app can perform certain task which user have decided or Predefined.

You can View user guide and download apk from here.

4.Gravity Screen

Have you heard of MOTO X Active Display feature if not let me tell you if you pick up your phone it automatically on your display and when you put it on table or in pocket it will turn-off display. these feature you can get using Gravity Screen - On / Off . The app turns the screen off by monitoring the orientation of the device through the gravity sensor. you can View user guide and download application from here.

5. Hovering Controls

This app is also provide Hover control same kind as Samsung Galaxy S4. this app provide features like 

  • control your music/video players, 
  • start your desired app on a move, 
  • switch to previous apps, 
  • jump to launch screen etc. 
using these app you can control your phone more efficiently. 

NOTE :- Few apps require root permission so Check before download.

These apps Make your old smart phone to "New" or it can give cool look to your Smart Phone. So Now I have make your Phone "Smart" and now its your turn to comment and share. if you have any question or query comment below in comment section.  :-)

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