29 April 2013

         few days are remaining for next Google I/O event Google I/o 2013. Google I/O is an annual developer-focused conference held by Google every year . The event in which Google introduce its latest product like Google Glass in last year event and Android new version "jellybean 4.1" with its new smartphone Nexus - 4. and for this there are many rumors about its new product line flagship phone X-phone and with new version of Android which may be called as Key Lime Pie or any other sweet dish start from K letter.

so which are the different products we can assume to be at Google I/o which can catch your attention towards the all new technology. today i am gone a tell you some of the products(things) which can be introduce by google.

 Google I/O 2013.

Android version 4.2.3 (jelly bean)

yes android 4.2.3 can be roll out during Google I/o. There are already many devices are running on 4.2.3. google is working on 4.2.3. the new feature in these update include 360 degree panorama mode called Photo Sphere, lockscreen widgets, User accounts (for tablets), and the Quick Settings area in the Notifications. Well, a lot of new and useful features for a minor update.Google is likely to pack the next-generation mobile OS(Android 5.0) with several new features which will later be optimized for the latest Android based Smartphones.


Here is the another one product from Google is X-Phone Likely be called as Motorola X or Moto X. customers will get chance to customize the color and hardware specs like RAM and internal storage similar to how Dell or other companies let the user to build a PC. Google may take the world by storm by announcing its X phone in coming I/O event.

GMail 5 for Android

Google has recently launched Gmail  v4.3 which is really amazing. which give best user interface amongst the  few of other older  version of Gmail. Google are trying their best to constantly improve both the desktop and mobile versions of Gmail.


Google’s messaging service called Babel may see a grand unveiling at upcoming I/O. Babel unifies Google Voice, Google Talk and Google+ Messenger under one brand name. It is also a Google’s answer to the wide variety of standalone messaging apps like WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook Messenger, and its cross-platform capabilities would certainly help make the offering more attractive to current users.

Google Glass

Google Glass was the standout hit of last year’s I/O event, and with the coming event, people may actually see a public launch of the device.If we follow the recent reports about "Google Glass", the gadget is a wearable head mounted display that can capture 5-megapixel images and videos at a resolution of 720p and also feature 16GB of storage onboard. The CPU could be a Single Core Processor, coupled with 256MB/512MB RAM. The display is equivalent to a 25-inch HD screen viewed from eight feet away. It has 16GB of storage onboard, 12GB of usable memory available to the wearer.It is to utilize many already-existing Google applications, such as Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, and Gmail.

Other surprises 

Google may come up with since I/O is a good place to do so. How about the Google Watch? That could be Google’s answer to its rival Apple, which is working on smartwatch for a while. watch which connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Google may come up with the Nexus Q.1 and drop the price this year. There are also rumors about the re-introduction of Android@Home, a home automation system nobody has heard anything about since 2011.


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