8 June 2013

     After Samsung Galaxy S4 stock version introduce in Google I/O all other companies tries to introduce there flagship or new module with Stock android OS. recently HTC had launched its HTC One Stock Android version and now rumors about Sony xperia Z also comes with stock Android OS.

Now What is Stock Android OS ?? 
The Operating system which Google provide to the different companies with all functionality and basic application like calender and mail and messaging etc to the manufacturer before it is actually released to the public.. and then companies make changes as per their requirements and use different launchers like sense or Trebuchet etc. then why they are now introducing stock android version smartphones. ok i am gone a tell you some pros as well as cons of Stock android OS.

Stock android smartphones

Pros of Stock Android Operating System.

New and Updated
Google Edition or Stock Android Smartphone Gets update more fast or quickly then other Companies or career rolled out update for smartphone because  in stock Android Companies or Career don't require to add there launcher or software update so they get directly update from Google.

Better Signal and Quality
some of the companies and Career tries to restric user from getting use of 3g or wifi network and they add all those things in Operating system but not in Stock Android OS.so that's why you can use better signal and quality of your smartphone.

Improve performance
When Google Gives Stock Android OS to the Companies they add some of the apps like Samsung Apps and memo in Samsung device as well Stock and Trace (GPS) in HTC devices. so these apps are some time unnecessary or useless. in stock OS you wont get these apps so it reduce burden on your smartphone that's how performance increases.

Cons of Stock Android Operating System

Manufacturer Apps( functionality ) 
Some of apps of manufacturer companies are worth important which you don't want to miss or leave like friendstrem in HTC devices connect you with major of social networking sites or video player of Samsung Device.

More Google apps
In Stock Android OS version smartphone you get update for daily or weekly that's may feel you frustrated.
You may feel Google centric because google will collect all your information.

Here may i have not brief all pros and cons of Stock android  but atleast gives you detail and brief idea for your choice before getting your favourite smartphone..
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