4 January 2013

    What will be the Next Level of new Android smartphone ?? in 2012 we have seen lot of new and advance technology in Smartphones like huge screen,NFC,New Tegra And Quadcore Processor and much more in Samsung and HTC's smartphones like samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X+. but in 2013 Companies are going to more exploring there smartphone look and its hardware specification. after huge Huge success of Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Planning for S4 and it would be with some new features and latest  Android operating system.This article will not touch on many trends in the Android ecosystem, including hardware advancements like  Google expands voice input options, a focus on longer battery life, Quad-core processors but  i discuss about the new one and Upcoming Smartphones in the market and for what you are waiting.. in this article i will show you the most awaited smartphone from different Companies. there will be much to look forward to in the ever-evolving Android landscape. Indeed, much could be said about any one of these aspects of Android, but I'll address them here in broader terms.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

What's latest in Android Smartphones ??According to rumors this is the next generation of the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S IV. I can’t 100% confirm if this is indeed the Galaxy S IV but the picture looks really sharp and doesn’t look fake at all. The design of the device looks also very similar to the design of the Galaxy S III.there are many rumors about its specification but these is not confirm Before the official presentation by Samsung. the screen resolution will be  4.99” SuperAMOLED FULL HD resolution (1080×1920). there are much more about S IV is available on the internet you can find out.

HTC One X2

What's latest in Android Smartphones ??HTC with its Sense the company has already great and pretty darn good smartphone, and its recent update has made it even better .HTC have lunched its Droid DNA with its sense 4.0+ and in 2013 the One series X2 will be launch. HTC has been working on a new device, according to leaked sources, that will make it even better. HTC to launch their flagship One X2 across all US carriers by summer 2013. i hope It would be great if this came with either 32GB internal storage or an SD slot. what's your opinion about it ??

Samsung Galaxy Premier

What's latest in Android Smartphones ??Another one from Samsung and its Galaxy series is Samsung Galaxy Premier.The main inspiration of Samsung Galaxy Premier is from Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy S III. Both of them are high budget phones. But they sell in record numbers.The features of Samsung Galaxy Premier are Android 4.1 Jelly bean operating system with TouchWiz launcher facility. It has 8 GB internal memory and 1 GB RAM. Phone has very big display, 720x1280 pixels. 8 MP primary camera and 1.9 MP secondary camera, provides better image capture facility.The main feature of this phone has better GPU.

Google X Phone

What's latest in Android Smartphones ??According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Google and its Motorola branch are working on a future high-end smartphone to rival the Apple iPhone and the Galaxy S lineup.Dubbed simply the “X Phone”, the device is expected to show up some time next year, according to WSJ’s source.after great success of Nexus tablets Google also want to jump in smartphone era.
Hope as its Android os its new X-phone will also get success in the market.

Sony Xperia ZL

What's latest in Android Smartphones ??Last but not least in the next year Sony will also launch its new and flag Xperia series smartphone ZL. Sony Xperia Z will come with 5-inch FHD display, 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, Jelly Bean and 13MP rear camera.  Sony Xperia ZL is  water/dust resistant. We will know more about these devices at the CES 2013.

Deciding for a best smartphone  is an extremely difficult task. Fortunately, there are some standouts amongst the crowd and we’re here to detail them for you.From the above listed smartphone for which you are waiting let me know. post your comments in below comment section and let me know what and why you are waiting for it..


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