23 December 2012

      A life without latest gadgets cannot be imagined. Slowly, but steadily, digital and electronic gadgets are ruling the human life by making it completely depend on them. you have seen many New gadgets and new technologies but the Next year 2013 is also full of tech geek. The companies are inventing new and new technics to make your work more easier.

But what the main thing that are awaited or get lots of rumors about it.like in 2012 Android jelly bean and apple iPhone 5 have got lot of attention around internet. Daily or weekly some thing new about smartphones and tablets etc and about any devises came on the internet. Specially these year you can say as 'Techyear' b'z there are no of Smart devices users increases in these year ad still increases day by day.

Companies running faster and make every imagination possible and try to improve there product. not only smartphones but Microsoft Windows 8 also so much searched on internet.Brains downloaded to hard drives, space tourism, and self-driving cars are all well and good, but what does the more immediate technological future hold ? here are the some of the new gadgets that you will see in 2013.

iPhone Bracelet

Upcoming Gadgets in 2013 There are only rumors about these iPhone bracelet but no official announcement from the apple. It brings glamour to the aroma, it bring power to your hand and also draws many eyes to your palm. But how about wearing it on the wrist like a bracelet ? Poured in Aluminum and White, iPhone Bracelet could be seen as a big reality in 2013.

Facebook Phone

Upcoming Gadgets in 2013  
Facebook has recently update its privacy policy and much more thing you will see on facebook. but Facebook phone is really one of them. Facebook Phone which would be a big reality in 2013. Composed in Aluminum and with the sliding mechanism, Facebook Phone would be completely dedicated to the social networking geeks. Nothing could be said on which platform it gonna run, will that be a Windows Phone 8 based smart gadget or the Android one. 

Smart Tv

Upcoming Gadgets in 2013

With Smart tv there are also 3D Tv sets are upcoming in 2013.Smart TV devices connected to the Internet, and accessing an integrated app platform allow consumers to use TV-centric applications to enjoy video, music and other content. New apps are launched regularly to the extent that a Smart TV is now nearly equivalent to a set-top box, but with an increasing focus on the on-demand functionality.

Google Glass (vision smartphone)

Upcoming Gadgets in 2013 Last but not least In Google I/O 2012 Google has already introduce its new Invention but its still in upcoming list.the full featured glass is really great technology invented by Google's scientist.Google Vision Smartphone would be a classy pick having classic Android button on the edge and a head mounted camera attached to the frame of smart phone. Powered with Android Key Lime Pie, Google smart phone would be accommodating Google Maps and all other google product features.

The gadgets and technologies changes day by day and we all are affected by it. we hope this new technologies give us new standard of living and also make our life easy. hope i have given a brief idea what are upcoming technologies in 2013. now its your turn share your comments and view about this and other technologies...


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