16 January 2013

      Today in conference at facebook headquarter former CEO Mark Zuckerberg has introduce Facebook's new search feature called Graph Search.CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company has been working on Graph Search for years, and claims it offers something that no other service can. Zuckerburg made it clear that this isn’t a Web search services.While Facebook says users can only search for content that has been shared with them, it is possible to search for things such as “TV shows watched by doctors” or “Music liked by people who like Mitt Romney” or even “Languages my friend speaks”.

     Till today users are using for search a person or page but now on words they can search about hotels and other things like by there friends. these service is available to limited number of users but it will extended to all in the future.

Graph search 

          The company is betting that its users are more eager to hear their friends' recommendations for a restaurant than advice from a professional food critic or from a stranger on Yelp.The search tool is based on the premise that the data within Facebook.Graph search is aimed at answering questions based on the data contained in your social network, not serving you a list of links to other websites.

         Anything that Facebook launches will most likely result in some scrutiny by privacy advocates. In a means of pre-emptively addressing these concerns, the social network uploaded a video that it hopes will assuage people’s fears:The company emphasized that Facebook recently updated its privacy settings where users can control what’s being seen.Before the new search tool rolls out, users will get a nudge: "Please take some time to review who can see your stuff," it will read. Facebook tweaked its privacy controls last December.

From above explanation you have brief idea about what is Graph search. if you have some thing regarding this post comment in the comment section below the post. if like then share the post with your friend so that they can also know about Facebook new search features.


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