21 June 2012

   The Tablets Computers are one of the fastest  growing technology ever introduce. The Portability And enhanced interface have squrred an immediate public following. 77% of Us Population  use their tab in place of computers or laptop. from the huge search engine business Google have make their first step in tablet market by Google Nexus. To compete its old rival Apple And Google the Microsoft also Introduce its new Tab Named as 'Surface' . the another leading company Samsung,  most selling product with its Galaxy Product range.the design and interface in all the tab is different and looks also cool.this is the most awaited tab in the market and hope affect the market by its good quality and performance.

Google Nexus 7

The Most awaited product from Google is Google Nexus 7. the Asus-made Nexus tablet will also make most effect on the touch and fast growing technology market.in the Nexus 7-inch quad-core Tegra 3 tablet with a front facing camera, Android 4.1, and pre-loaded with Google Chrome browser all for just $199.there is rumor for this product is that Google will launch it with its chrome Os or Android 4.1 . The processor is found to be quad-core Tegra 3 clocked at 1.3GHz . i hope this also affect indian market also and other cheaper tab producing companies.

Microsoft's Surface

Hands on: Microsoft Surface tablet review
cutaway edges, ClearType HD display; the design credentials and the specs for Microsoft's new Windows RT tablet are impressive and in the flesh this is a delightful piece of hardware that looks good – and is practical too.The Surface tablet is super-thin, just 9.3 mm for the Windows RT version and 13.5 mm fot the Windows Pro version.Microsoft have introduce two different product with different hardware. The ARM-based tablets are 9.3mm (0.4 inches) thick - slightly less than the iPad - and run the Windows RT version of the new system. while other one is 13.5 mm thick and run on Intel core i5 processor.with the tab Microsoft have attached The keyboard clings magnetically to the Surface and can remain attached as a cover. It can be folded back while still connected called the Type Cover, is 2 millimeters thicker and includes mechanical keys. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

In few month the most selling product in Asia. After betting Nokia in mobile markets Now Samsung want to make huge success in tablet market.Samsung is no stranger to the sub 10-inch tablet category, having debuted the 7-inch Galaxy Tab.Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is its gorgeous Super AMOLED At 7.7 inches of surface size, 31 mm thick.Powering the tablet is the 1.4 GHz dual core Samsung Exynos processor with 1GB of RAM running Android's Honeycomb 3.2. here are no physical buttons at all. Just a front-mounted 2-megapixel camera (a 3-megapixel camera with LED flash resides on the upper left of the backside).The left side sports a SIM card slot, and one below it for microSD, which comes in handy and lets you boost the available storage space well over the device's own 16GB.

This is The Top and most awaited Products. in the market there is many companies and suppliers are waiteing for this product.in the market there is many compies which produce there own product but they are not making much effect on market.recently Micromax has also introduce tab named as " Funbook ".will it can compete with this high brand product and there price range.there is much more awaiting news and review about new product on our blog so to stay connected subscribe to our blog...
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