23 June 2012

          Microsoft announced an update to its mobile operating system Windows Phone 7.5 -- Windows Phone 8 (WP8) -- earlier this week. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is the company's attempt at rebuilding their brand value in the mobile world. Microsoft knew it was losing ground in the mobile world that was dominated by Android and iOS. it also brings some new functionality to the table which will compete directly with iOS 6. Microsoft will become a major threat to Apple in this regard, but all will be revealed in fall when both operating systems are set to be released.

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User Interface

The Windows Phone 8 is a refreshing change from what we’ve seen earlier.With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has ensured that the homescreen experience becomes even livelier. The tiles are highly customizable, and come in three different sizes, complete with several colour themes. Apple’s iOS 6 doesn’t have a lively or colourful layout or even widgets. maintained simplicity over the years. The iOS 6 start screen is simple and there are no tiles or widgets, but a menu that stretches across pages. Apple lets you create folders that help you segregate and customize the homescreen pages. It’s quite evident that though Apple has been adding several new features to the iOS iterations.

Browser And Enterprise

Apple’s iPhone has supposedly become the next choice, followed by, of course Android devices. The newest iteration of Windows Phone is also gearing up to attract this base. hen there is Internet Explorer 10 that is touted to be faster and secure with advanced anti-phishing abilities, while also offering a SmartScreen filter to block malicious websites. On the other hand, Apple also strengthened its corporate capability, with a list of features.


The Windows Phone Marketplace has more than 100,000 apps and several apps are on their way. Windows Phone 8 just added an audible app for audiobooks, official apps from Chase and PayPal are in the works, while Gameloft has Windows Phone versions of Asphalt 7: Heat and N.O.V.A. 3 Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance on the way. Moreover, apps and games intended for Windows Phone 8 will work on Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro, which will help bring seamless integration and convergence. Considering the current scenario, Apple is a clear winner here as its App Store has been around for a while and is inundated with apps in almost every segment.there are many preloaded apps in windows and ios 6.for better performance and customization windows 8 will win in the race.

Design And Hardware

Windows Phone 8 adds removable microSD card support, allowing users to load their devices with easily movable content. Apparently, one may not require the Zune software for transferring content. Apple still stays loyal to its iTunes, and there isn’t support for microSD cards. Moreover, Windows Phone adds Near Field Communication support - another factor that goes missing on iOS devices. If Apple has the new Passbook feature to store passes and tickets, then Microsoft has announced the Wallet feature with the Windows Phone 8.Windows Phone 8 is expected to be swift, and quick with support for multiple cores. This will allow hardware makers to push the boundaries of their smartphone specs, as it has support for 64 multi-core processorsThe iPhone 5, which will feature the iOS 6, will see support for dual-core and possibly above. Windows Phone will now support higher resolutions like 1280 x 768 and 1280 x 720p. Apple’s iPhone 4S came with the Retina display featuring 960 x 640-pixel. The iPhone 5 is expected to equip a larger screen and probably a spruced up resolution. Let's wait and watch what OEMs can get on to the table with the new Windows Phone 8.

I hope you like this features and their advance functionality of windows 8 and iOS 6.to meet customer requirements and other social apps support will make effect the sale of Smartphones.there is many preloaded social apps in the phones like facebook and twitter.
so what you think about this competition  amongst these competitive market..
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  1. Really nice blog post. Passbook iOS 6 has quite some bugs but doesn't matter because it is an apple product. All I have seen are a simple interface to send it to your phone via iCloud if you receive them in a message. Realy A great App.