19 June 2012

android apps are amazing   "Android" the word search by 10,10,00,000 people in a day around the world.(as per Google survey). the most customized and user friendly operating system . on Google Play there is more than 5,00,000 apps free to download.and even more than 1,00,000 paid Apps also for download. and android platform is a platform that most developer like to make apps for it.  the apps in android platform also make it so much user friendly and popular.from august 2010 to february 2011 there is 127% increase in android apps. this figure show how developer are transforming from other Mobile apps to android apps.  Instagram apps was downloaded by 1 million people in only 1 week from Google play . that's why developers and public are giving more preferences to android.
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How the android fans are increasing and that's why some analyst are predicting that in few years android will lead the Operating system market.
so what you think about android  ??
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