1 May 2012

Nokia is one of the best mobile phone company in the world. It established in the 1966 and the Fredrik Idestam, founder of Nokia.. Nokia is using their own operating systems for their phones. One of the Nokia’s competitor Android and moving far ahead than Nokia in just very few time period. So people confused about why Nokia is still there with their Symbian and series 40 OS?

Nokia mainly use the S40 OS for their basic mobile phones and Symbian for smart phones. Now they are using Microsoft Windows Phone Mango OS in some phone like Nokia Lumina 800. So the Nokia is still sticky with their OS and not thinking to move towards now a days world famous Android.

What Nokia’s CEO said:

According to them the Android will going down without any fight. So they confidant that do any struggle requires to run down the Android from market. They will automatically ruin from users once the users come to know a fact and reality and actual difference between Symbian and Android. Nokia also knew that it is too late to join the android and it is now totally useless to do so because many companies already found and manufacturing best featured Android phones today. So instead compromise with Android Nokia thinking to stay on the side of Microsoft and Windows Phone instead of doing contracts with Google and Android.


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