12 March 2012

Hello Friends !! Daily we use Facebook to interact with friends . And we share our photos,videos and even someof the interesting links with your friends.
While doing sowe may click in a link which may contain Trojan or virus
and may harm your pc or steal your facebook password. 

We all know that facebook is the best target for hackers to send there 
harmful links and Trojan phishing links etc

We Share Lots Of Links with our Friends and its very hard to find out whether 
that link is safe or not.But,don't worry as today I will tell you about Facebook 
App that is called NortonSafeWeb which is Removes Suspicious,Malicious,
Viruses and Trojans From Your Facebook Profile.

Norton Safe Web :-

Scans your Facebook news feeds and identifies URLs containing security risks such as phishing sites, malicious downloads and links to unsafe external sites.

To take advantage of the Auto-Scan feature, click on the "Enable Auto-Scan" button on the scan summary page to have Safe Web cheak your News Feed for malicious links periodically and notify you if unsafe links are found.

Installation :-

Click Here To Install Norton Safe Web.
Link :- Norton Safe Web

And Next Click The Allow Button .

After that Click the Enable Auto Scan Button

Thats It . Norton Safe Web is Scaning your Feed For Threats and  Generating the Results for Your Facebook Profile like the image Below .

So Enable this Facebook App and Save Your Facebook Profile From Viruses and Threats.


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