9 March 2012

I wrote this article because most of people trying to unlock their HSDPA modem,because some modem s works for just 1 network.after unlock you can use any networks. It takes just few seconds to unlock your modem

1. Unlock Huawei HSDPA modems

When we put some other network sim card it will ask some code.So im going to generate that code.It is easy.first of all you have to find your IMEI of mode.it will mention on your modem or modem box its 15 digit.now follow this.

i. Paste this below address to your address bar.

http://bb5.at/huawei.php?imei= your Huawei modem IMEI number

ii. Now replace your Huawei modem IMEI number with your IMEI number like below


iii. Press Enter key,after you will see like this

iv. Now enter this unlock code when it ask the code. you are done.


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