29 February 2012

It’s quite easy to guess the popularity of Android game development by the fact that Electronic Arts, the giant in PC gaming domain, has also launched Android version for most of its popular PC games. It’s an exciting experience whether for me or any gaming freak to play a PC game like Need for Speed Underground on Android. Android’s Market is just stuffed with similar free & paid games.

Gone is the time when I used to play games on mobile and used to struggle while handling game’s protagonist by a number of buttons. I always felt sorry for not making any sizable record using those buttons. But now, highly responsive touch screen and accelerometer in smartphones have removed the use of mechanical buttons and controlling the game has also become very easy. It is simple to move a smartphone left or right to drive a car and putting and slipping finger on touch screen to target birds towards naughty pigs. I can never imagine completing even a single stage of Angry Birds if it for ordinary mobile. Thanks to the inventors of touch screen and accelerometer.

Android OS, like any other smartphone, is quite popular platform for game developers, especially for those who have matchless ability of conceive, develop and release games. If you are a programmer, Android game development welcomes you to introduce a game in market. Just submit a one-time fee and you can release your products to millions of customers.

The process followed for Android game development has given a wide variety of games in smartphone market. Depending on the requirement, customization can take the game very close to the original concept. Excellent support to 2D & 3D graphics helps developer in developing world class mobile games, which have all features to surpass any type of PC game.


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