15 February 2013

    Now a days in all types of Electronic devices comes with Android. form Smartphones to Tablets and from Smart TV to different gaming devices. I am talking about something bigger and way more exciting. Something like a pair of HUD glasses, an intelligent washing machine, a smart mirror, or even a connected car.Google has undertaken Android in 2008 and start to making a operating system which can run on any electronic devices. till now they have successfully run on many electronics. but google still want to improvise its OS. so they can give new technology and better performance to the users(customers).Sooner that you think, Android may take over the world.

 Here’s a list of amazing objects, from Smartphones to cars and watches, that already run Android.

  • Smartphones (Different Devices of different Companies )
  • wristwatches.
  • Smart Glasses (Google Glasses)
  • Home Appliances (like fridge & washing machine)
  • Tablets
  • Game Console
  • Smart TVs
  • Cameras
  • Cars etc
  • Remote controller for different devices 

These are the some of the devices which i know if i forget to insert any thing let me know. if you want further more information click here. google have made really awesome operating system but it have some bugs that Google may require to solve to improve Android OS. it is better to upgrade rather then expanding.

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