25 July 2012

Make your life even easier with automatically filled SwipePad
If you love launching favorite apps with a swipe, you will also love to contact people, switch running tasks/apps with a single swipe, and that's exactly what this add-on brings to you.Open a shortcut to anything with a single swipe from within anything
SwipePad is a launcher panel overlay. With a single swipe action, you can launch anything from within any app.

SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump with Add-on SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump with Add-on SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump with Add-on

Some notes:
  •  A pad can hold a mix of apps, shortcuts, bookmarks, contacts etc. With widgetpad add-on, it can even launch a widget from anywhere!
  •  This is not a home app, your home key preference is kept (works with all 3rd party home apps like LauncherPro, ADW Launcher, Go Launcher EX etc.)
  •  The app under SwipePad keeps running: no interruption
  •  Memory & battery friendly.

there are some extra ADD -ON ALSO Addedand that is also cool part of these App
in it there are there Add-on Dynamic Pads,More Space and widget pad.
Dynamic Pads will enable 3 automatically filled pads:
1. Frequently contacted
2. Recently contacted
3. Recent tasks

More pads; more slots
MoreSpace extends your SwipePad: more pads; more slots.

Start your favorite widget from within any app
WidgetPad enables SwipePad to put your widget above any app.



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