29 May 2012

Android user can't apply themes as like Nokia smartphone and other animated themes but some apps developer has made some extraordinary themes and application.which give you great customization over your smartphone.in the android market there is several launcher available but there is few launcher which look fabulous.

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Go Launcher

GO Launcher is the most popular home app in Android Market. It allows users to customize home screen, change themes, use smooth transition animation as well as various widgets and screen locks. It brings you a fresh and extraordinary mobile operation experience.I think this is the most favorite app in the android market.this app have most customization over application.
there are many version available in the market.


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Regina 3D Launcher

Regina 3D Launcher is a 'Home Replacement Application' which uses pure 3D graphics showing various dynamic 3D effects for your pleasure.Browsing workspaces, creating shortcuts, browsing into folders, and removing widgets have gotten a little bit more fun.Now create folders, in your workspace and even in folders. And navigate folders with more fun.


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Balancer Launcher

The Launcher has smooth ui effect and perfect performance, it can launch application quickly.Be compared with some other similar applications, It has better performance and do cut off some useless settings, we think a simple and cool application is what a user wanted excatly and we will try our best to create one for you.


Click here for Download
The Above Launcher is latest and full version.I hope You like My post on Launcher and you agree with me.if you have not tried this cool launcher just download it and enjoy.say thank you if like this post.keep sharing and enjoy.....
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