16 May 2012

for many users, Android is clearly the superior platform. Yes, its vulnerable factor is a big one: security. Android's openness and large market share mean that it's a juicy target for attackers.
Yet, Android's openness also provides serious benefits. It allows for more customization; its apps are usually cheaper and various handset manufacturers are able to offer significantly different form factors. With a little tweaking, you can speed up and optimize Android in ways that will make iPhone users' heads spin. Here are 5 ways to make Android faster, more productive and more secure than iPhone.

1. Get a better browser. 

One of the major benefits of using the popular browser Opera Mini is that its cloud engine compresses data by as much as 90%. It features tabbed browsing, support for widgets and the ability to set advanced privacy features, such as the ability to automatically clear passwords, cookies and browsing history. You can also use dolphin browser or mozilla firefox beta version for safe browsing.

2. Install an Android optimizer.

Apps like Android Booster and Android Assistant give you the power to automatically kill apps that run in the background, gobbling up battery life and draining CPU. You can set a monthly data limit and monitor exactly how much data you've downloaded over 3G and 4G networks, and you can purge your cache, history, etc.

3. Conserve your battery.

Nothing slows you down more than a dead battery. One advantage Android phones have over iPhones is that you can swap out your battery. But proper power management can save you from that trouble. Apps like JuiceDefender and Battery Stretch help you regulate your power use.With more than 7 million downloads, JuiceDefender is the most popular of these apps. It offers three different profiles: "Balanced," "Aggressive" or "Extreme."

The Balanced setting is the default and requires no configuration on your part. If you bump it up to "Aggressive," the app will automatically disable data connections when the battery is low. If you're really worried about a dead battery, the "Extreme" setting disables data connections by default. You can turn them back on manually, and you are able to whitelist apps that you want to have connectivity.

4. Turn on screen lock, but don't use a pattern.

The easiest screen unlocking method is to trace a pattern on your screen. It's easier and more convenient than entering a PIN or password. However, if you lose your phone or it is stolen, you better hope you just cleaned your screen.The oil on your finger will leave a distinct pattern on your screen. Unless you wipe it down religiously after each unlocking, the pattern lock will only deter the stupidest criminals.

5. Stay away from mobile payments.

Mobile payments are starting to take off, especially in Europe and Asia, and consumers should be wary. The problem with mobile payments is that they are often simply added to your mobile phone bill, and if you find a suspicious charge, your liability will vary from carrier to carrier.

In contrast, if a hacker gets your credit card number and goes on a spending spree, under federal law, your maximum liability for credit card fraud is $50. In other words, credit card fraud is not your problem, it's the bank's. Until you have that level of protection for mobile payments, it's probably smarter and safer to stick with the credit card.

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