24 May 2012

Today let's talk about new android v4.0 ics.many of us know about this mobile os.its new mobile os introduce by Google.it have some new features like improved user-interface , fast browsing and much more.but even it have some old features also like auto focus, multi-tasking etc.but this old features are upgraded and more user friendly.
so today i am giving you some brief idea about what's this new features.

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Improved UI

One of the major changes in Android 4.0 -Ice Cream Sandwich is the interface; by making the actions more visible and simple, Google gives you the power to play with your device. Concept of physical buttons is now gone in Android 4.0, now you can see devices are designed with touch screens. Virtual button is now help the user to navigate to Back, Home and Recent Apps which can be dimmed by app to get full screen view.

Multitasking feature which was already part of previous Android versions is now easier. Thumbnail images of recent apps is visible by tapping the recent apps button, user can jump from one app to another by just tapping it.

Home screens are still five; you cannot add or delete any of the screens which I believe is good enough but with expandable widgets this might be a problem for some people. This time home screens give a new look to group the apps and create shortcuts. Favorite tray concept is launched for smaller screen devices; you can add up to four apps, shortcuts or other items to this tray for instant access.Another change is the lock screens actions; you can now take snap, view notifications and manage music tracks when your screen is locked. Spell checker and new set of dictionary is also introduced to help user to input fast and accurate text.
One more feature is powerful new voice input engine; you can now dictate the text for long time and the best part is ‘in any language’.

Fast Web Browser

Web browsing is another feature which changed with OS. Now to get the full flavor of site send request to get desktop version of website rather than mobile version. Offline reading option is also introduced to view the huge content in offline mode. Just like desktop bowser, zoom levels, text sizes, bookmarks and history options are also included in Google Chrome.

Data monitoring

OK, it’s certainly not sexy, but with every phone company in the world adding some kind of restrictions to your data subscription, knowing exactly how much data you have left before you run out of “free” time or bandwidth is becoming a necessity. You can also use this tool to see what applications are sucking down your data allowance. I can already tell you that you’ll be surprised to see some programs using the net when you think your phone is sitting there idly.

Android Beam

It is considered as the most convenient feature for sharing apps, contacts, music –almost anything you can think of across two devices that support NFC. Process is very simple place the handset back to back, tap the beam option to start data transfer and you will see you data is transferred from one phone to another.

Face Unlock

Google introduced new approach of security in mobile phones. Now you can make your phone more personal by using the face unlock option to lock your screen. It uses the front facing camera to store the image by using face recognition technology. Alternative is also provided by Android for users who don’t want to use this option.

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