15 May 2012

How many times have you visited a website and ended up sorely disappointed? 
Or worse, annoyed as all get out? For me, the answer is an easy one: a lot!
So, I put together a list of the 5 things that annoy me the most about websites. 

Maybe you’ll agree; maybe you won’t.
Let’s see…

1. Flash

Your “awesome” Flash website takes forever to load and then blasts user with all these neat-o visuals that require them to twiddle their thumbs and waste precious time. They need information, not entertainment. Get over yourselves. Quit listening to your creative team (and if they’re recommending Flash, hire a new team), and maximize the three seconds of attention I’m willing to give you by telling me something I want or need to know.

2. Pop-ups
Pop-up ads (and that’s what they are) make me want to kill you. Yeah, I know they’re effective at boosting click-through rates. I still hate ‘em. Stop it. Using pop-up ads tells me you don’t care about my experience—you just want to sell me crap. It’s like going on a first date, and having the date say, “Let’s fool around” before dinner hits the table. It’s too much. Too soon. I don’t care what the experts say. Pop-up ads make me want to leave.

3. Walking Ads
Speaking of pop-ups, walking ads stink even more. They are annoying, disruptive, and inconsiderate. They came to your site for information. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and walking ads are not the way to do it. It’s a bad idea.

4. Black Backgrounds
Black backgrounds and white or grey type are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to read. With very few exceptions (there are some sites done very well by people who know what they’re doing, but they are rare), cut it out. Black backgrounds stink. And if you thinks those backgrounds are cool, do your homework. Ask people who know about converting the leads that come to your website to sales about the performance of sites with dark backgrounds. After all, isn’t that what you’re really interested in—leads that you can convert to sales?

5. Widgets
when User visit your blog and if he want more information then this annoying share widget takes to much time and user frustrate and if he can not wait to much time to open page it will increase your blog bonus rate.and dam sure he wont back on your  blog.so this attractive widget or templates won't work but your information makes more effect on user mind and definitely it comes again to your blog.some time due to problems social gadget won't load and display error so it makes bad effect on user mind.

Final Words.

Don’t be egocentric when it comes to Web design. Know who your audience is and what people come to your site looking for. Or what you want them to come to your site looking for. Let your Web analytics play a huge rule in this process. Focus on creating auser experience that respects users’ needs and makes it easy for them to find the information they seek. Make sure your site has a navigation system that makes sense. Great design is cool. And cool is nice. But that isn’t enough when it comes to effective online marketing. A beautifully designed website that has a crappy user experience serves up zero results.


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