1 April 2012

Facebook introduces timeline sometime ago and the cover photos are the face of you timeline and everyone wants to make their timeline looks different in some kind. so to choose photos from websites which offer you a databases of high-resolution images to choose from. All of them give you something to fill the roughly 851 by 315 pixel space that the cover image commands.
but that's not done why don't you make your own cover photo of your style. so here we have got 9 apps to get your timeline cover photos.


The Site Canvas: This apps connects your facebook account directly and by its layout selects a picture for your timeline. This also gets some series of pre-builted templates you can use them if you like.

Cover Photo Magic: Connect your Facebook account to the app that runs natively on Facebook, then build a cover photo from images you choose.

Cover Junction: Really awesome app. It first sorts through its own cover junction apps and then upload your photos from your profile by connecting to your account and you can create your cover photo and also upload it to junction's database so that others can use them. 

Face It Page: This allows you creating photos not just the Cover photos.

My Fb Covers: The feature to look for on this site is the collage maker that combines your existing Facebook photos into a banner-wide collage of all your Facebook friends.

First Covers: This site is having both, The cover creator and a large photo database.So if you like to select you can select or if like to create your own you can create it. 

Picscatter: This has the nicest looking interface of them all. Generate a cover in three steps, or do it on the go with Picscatter’s mobile app.

Fookcover:  This takes popular art, sizes its images to a banner, then lets you connect to Facebook to upload your cover in a couple clicks.
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