13 March 2012

Portable software can really change the way you work and enjoy your personal Internet experience. I don’t go anywhere without 16GB of portable goodness on me. It’s as essential as my keys or wallet. With thousands of portable applications out there ready to creep onto your flash drive, some can get lost in the mix. 

Pendriveapps.com is one of the largest directories of portable applications that you’re going to find online. Reviewed and categorized Free Portable SoftwarePortable Freeware, and Open Source Portable Applications that can be stored and run directly from a USB Flash Drive.

This website specializes in reviewing free portable applications (mostly for Windows). The website is very extensive and has a lot of categories, such as the following: 

  • Antivirus/Firewall
  • Application Suites
  • Apps for Mac OS X
  • Audio Video Software
  • CD DVD Burning Software
  • Computer Programming
  • Dictionaries
  • Disk Defragmenters
  • Email Software
  • Encryption Utilites
  • File Managers
  • FTP Tools
  • Graphics and Design
  • Instant Messengers
  • Internet Browsers
  • Internet Security
  • Internet Tools
  • iPod Managers
  • IRC Clients
  • Media Players
  • Money Management
  • Network Tools
  • P2P Filesharing Utilities
  • Password Managers
  • Password Recovery
  • Picture Editors
  • Product Key Tools
  • Registry Tools
  • RSS Readers
  • Start Menus
  • System Tools
  • Translators
  • VNC
  • VoIP Tools
Exhausting, right? It’s probably more than any one flash drive can handle, but I definitely recommend this website if you’re putting together a batch of completely independent, specific pieces of individual software for yourself. 


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