22 March 2012

Deleted a partition? DriveRestore Professional will recover lost or deleted partitions, lost partition files and their folder structures. If a drive is deleted or lost, DriveRestore Professional will automatically locate the deleted partition and restore it to its original state. Deleted partition recovery is GUARANTEED!

To enable the easy identification of your lost drive, DriveRestore Professional will display the Root directory files, the volume serial number, size, file system, etc. DriveRestore Professional will recover lost or deleted; Active partitions, logical drives, extended partitions and their file data. If a drive is deleted or lost e.g. by using Fdisk, then a Lost Drive Scan will immediately detect the lost partition. A Diagnostic scan can also be enabled to scan for and detect deleted overlapping partitions.

When a lost drive scan completes, Drive Restore Professional will list the detected partitions. The detected partitions can be reviewed under the diagnostics report and by selecting the tabbed panes. Detected deleted drives will display the file system type, size, sector range and the volume serial number. Deleted drives may be explored prior to their recovery by clicking “Explore” on the detected drive in the Drive View tabbed pane.


1. Unpack rar archive
2. Run the setup and install
3. Use the given keygen to activate
4. Enjoy



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