27 March 2012

Hey Frenzz....
Russian "Roman Andreev" won first place in the international competition of programmers 
Facebook  Hacker Cup, which carries out social network Facebook. It is reported by The 
Next Web.Andreev, 18 years old and he is studying at St. Petersburg State University (SPSU). 
For the victory Andreev received from the organizers of the Facebook Hacker Cup competition 
cup on which is engraved his name, and five thousand dollars.


Prizes for second and third place, which occupied the American and Chinese, were 
two thousand and one thousand dollars, respectively.
In the final round of the contest participants were offered three tasks. To solve them 
could use any programming language. The result was influenced not only the correct 
answers, but also speed. In fulfillment of the allotted three hours. Participants are able 
to solve only one problem. Winner Novel Andreev did it in 1 hour 4 minutes - 
just one minute faster than runner-up Tomek Seagull (Tomek Czajka) from the U.S.. 
The final competition was held on the night of 17 on March 18, Moscow time, 
the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park, California.
It was preceded by four rounds of correspondence, in which programmers participated via 
the Internet. Of the 8000 people who applied to participate in the Facebook Hacker Cup, 
reached the final 25. Social Network Facebook paid their way to California, 
where he was the last round. The final was attended by programmers from Russia, Ukraine, 
Germany, China, Poland, USA, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. In 2012, 
Facebook Hacker Cup was held for the second time.
In the first contest, held in March 2011, the victory also won a 
Russian - a graduate of Mekhmat Peter Mitrichev.


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