26 February 2012

Are you annoying of having to register on a free Web site just to read some news or view some information? Rather than registering on such Web sites (and risking your email of annoying spam).

bugmenot 250x229 Get Access Into Registration Required Sites Without Need To Register

  I have a simple method to get access to protected content without need to endure the annoyance of signing up for an account.

Every time relatives and friends send me links to registration-required Web sites, I’ll visit BugMeNot to bypass most of these annoyance. BugMeNot is a free Web site that stored registered user account logins and passwords so you don’t have to provide your personal info.
Once you at BugMeNot front page, just type in the URL of the website that you’d like access. BugMeNot then will return a list of user names and passwords along with their accuracy percentage.
For Firefox users, BugMeNot provide the extension that automates these process. Once you’ve installed the extension, you can easily access the website you like by right click on the username or email address text box.


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